Materials used

Materials used


cavo Olflex

Olflex brand cable for silicone wiring and for connections to transducers with tinned copper leads (used exclusively by Künste, no control unit on the market has this type of cable, but cables for the electrical connections for the home, which after some time oxidize and become break). Withstands temperatures up to 600 °.


IP 67 die-cast aluminum container.

Connettori AMP Superseal IP 67

AMP Superseal IP 67 connectors.


Industrial electronic board.


Very high quality transducers with 35mm piezoelectric transmission.

Stainless steel screws

All the plants are tested over three days with continuous service and with the devices for which it was assembled including cables with various lengths and transducers.

All the materials used have the CE marking

5 year full warranty