Künste – Latest generation boating equipment

First in the following devices and / or innovations:

  • First to equip the control units with two transducers, one 40Khz for the hull and one 28Khz for the metal parts, stern drives, shaft line etc.
  • First, to use a micro cip for the control and calibration of the control units
  • First, to sequence the on and off times (from 0 to 256 seconds), it is also possible to program different operating times for each individual transducer, this to adapt the control unit to the maximum for every type of boat and sea.
  • First, to be able to vary the power of the transducers to 30W, 40W, 60W, 80W
  • First, to control the control units with ultrasound emission device and stop at variable times, in order to lengthen the battery performance.
  • First, with device for the stand by of the control unit with the engine running
  • First, to have installed a lighting LED directly on the transducer to see when it is operating
  • First with self-calibration device of the transducers in order to center exactly the resonance point
  • First, to have a sequence of LEDs on the control panel to indicate which transducer is operating at that moment (up to 10 transducers)
  • First, to equip the control units with both mains and battery power supply with the innovative automatic mains / battery exchange
  • First to use the oil for transmitting ultrasound to the hull.
  • First to equip the control unit with a photodiode for night / day operation. This device allows, in a completely automatic way, the control unit to work at maximum power in the hours of sunshine and heat, and to lower the power by more than 50% in the night and cold hours, with a considerable saving of the batteries. At night and with the lowest water temperature, the proliferation of barnacles, dog teeth, ect. in the absence of light it is almost non-existent
  • First, in research and innovation

A patent application has been filed for all Kunste innovations.

Our business is the most copied in the world, all our innovations have then been adapted for all the devices on the market, with our specific pride.