Künste - FAQ

Künste: find out what it is and how it works.

What is Künste?

It is an antifouling device – electronic ultrasonic algaecide, specially designed for boats, using the principle of high frequency (ultrasonic) waves to inhibit the growth of marine organisms such as barnacles, mussels, dog teeth to prevent them from taking hold on the keel of boats.

How does Künste work ?

The Künste ultrasound system produces micro explosions at a multiple frequency range, creating an alternation of negative and positive pressures, which form microscopic bubbles. The phenomenon is known as  cavitation  and allows the destruction and / or removal of single-celled organisms, the first link in the food chain.

How is Künste fed?

A 12V battery is enough, generally the one used on board services.

Do I have to puncture the hull of the boat to apply Künste?

Absolutely not.

Is the installation of Künste simple?

Very simple, just have a little manual skills and follow the instructions .
The Künste Elektronic technicians will however be at your disposal for any kind of help.

Which hulls are most suitable for the good functioning of Künste?

All hulls in fiberglass, steel, kevlar and carbon, it makes less with aluminum, while it does not work with wood as it does not allow the transmission of ultrasound.

Do I still need to give antifouling after installing Künste?

A traditional antifouling primer may be recommended in order to have a double and / or greater protection for the hull.

Can the Künste apparatus cause damage to the hull and nearby moored boats?

No, the ultrasounds remain inside the hull.

Where is it best to use Künste in salt and / or fresh water?

There is no substantial difference.

Can vibrations exert stresses that damage / loosen screws and bolts?

Absolutely not, these micro vibrations are well below (about 1000 times less) than the vibrations caused by the engine running.

Does Künste cause damage and pull the fish away from under the hull?

No. Various tests have been carried out in various Italian ports with different boats. With the apparatus on, the fish did not move away from the hull, this indicates that the propagation of ultrasound is transmitted only along the hull.

If the boat is always in the water, does Künste guarantee me a lasting effect over time?

Yes, the careful design ensures maximum protection over time.

Are the results tangible and in what timeframe?


What are the advantages of Künste?

An always clean hull, a more effective glide, reduced consumption, given precisely by the absence of microorganisms.

Just a small solar panel to compensate the battery and recharge it.

Absolutely yes, the important thing is that it is well sized.

How much energy does it take to operate?

Künste is a microprocessor based system, consumption varies according to the model purchased, there is a table on the site where the absorptions for each model are shown.

Does the Künste device also protect flaps and stern drives?

Yes, with excellent results, even if an experiment is underway for a specific system for these protections, it will only be a small accessory to be inserted in the same device.

How long was the system designed?

Surely Künste is a high-end device, comparable to some American-made devices currently on the market, which cost 3-4 times as much.
In Europe it is certainly the best product on the market.
The system lasts on average over 10 years.

How should I position the transducers?

Just follow the instructions inside the box, it’s very simple.

What maintenance must be done to always have optimal efficiency?

Künste , does not require any particular maintenance, just check that the gel is always present under the transducers, at least once a year.

How do I know if the transducer is working?

Every single transducer is equipped with a LED that lights up when it is working, also in this the Kunste Marine elektronic apparatus is the only one in the world.

How long should I keep the device on?

The operating time of the control unit varies according to the model and customer needs. The operating times of the transducers in ON mode and pauses are variable by programming the microprocessor, however a basic set up will be performed in our laboratories, depending on the model of your boat and the control unit purchased. It should also be said that more frequent use is advisable in summer and during the day, when the vegetation is more active and less in winter or during the night. For this reason, the device can be equipped with a photocell (optional) that automatically changes the settings of the control unit according to the light it detects, this is very important because it saves us a lot of energy, with the same efficiency.

Why should I buy Künste and not another similar device?

The reasons are manifold, first of all because our equipment is designed and built entirely in Italy, by Italian technicians and professionals, then because only Italian components and at the top of the range are used, then because as regards technology and innovation we have always been and will be a step ahead of our competitors in the future, finally because our control unit is the only one that truly adapts to the real needs of your boat, as you can choose the number of transducers, how, when and how much they must work, have a visual check ect ect, in a nutshell because Kunste is the best device on the market at the best price!

What guarantee does Künste have?

The guarantee is two years, unlike other products that can be found on the market, where there is no guarantee.

What noise does the apparatus produce?

They are imperceptible hisses, we speak of ultrasounds that are not audible to human ears.