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The most advanced electronic ultrasonic antifouling system for boats.


Kunste is a device, entirely studied, designed and assembled in Italy, which thanks to ultrasound technology, will help you protect the submerged hull of your boat, significantly reducing the proliferation of marine organic formations. It’s an ultrasonic antifouling technology.


Movie kindly sent to us by one of our customers, who purchased a Dual Model control unit, about 3 months before shooting it. The power plant has been applied to its 8m boat, which has been stationary in the water for about a year and a half, therefore already with a dirty hull.

The result, as visible from the video, is astounding, as the ease with which you can clean the hull, only using a brush, considering the short time since the installation of the Dual Kunste control unit is truly incredible.


It lowers the careening costs, given by the launch and launch of the hull.

The boat is more performing.

Simple to install.

Decreases pollution.
All anti-vegetative paints instead deteriorate and end up at sea, thus contributing to pollution.

It does not disturb humans or animals.

It does not disturb on-board instruments or radars.

It reduces fuel consumption, as a significant consumption factor is given by the presence of algae and barnacles which attach themselves to the hull of your boat and produce a “towing” effect.

Kunste – ultrasonic antifouling system

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