Künste is a unique and innovative product, designed and built entirely in Italy, in our laboratories in Rome by highly specialized personnel, such as engineers, marine biologists, electronic experts, who thanks to the unique use of the highest quality materials, guarantee our produced better functioning and longer life.

Although the ultrasound antifouling system is still not widely known in Europe today, in other continents such as America and Australia, these devices are already widely used with excellent results.

The time has come to make the enormous advantages of ultrasound antifouling technology known and appreciated also in Europe, thanks to a made in Italy product.

Old cleaning systems.

The old methods of cleaning the hulls are laborious, expensive, anti-ecological and take a long time. Furthermore, algaecide paints deteriorate rapidly.

New Künste system.

Today thanks to Künste it is possible to remove barnacles, dog teeth and microorganisms from the hulls of your boats using ultrasound technology.

Ultrasound technology.

For many years the use of traditional antifouling applied by brush has been the only way to prevent barnacles, dog’s teeth and various marine microorganisms from sticking to the hull hulls. With the advent of ultrasound electronics, a technique dating back to the 1930s, the first studies and the first applications that used this technology began, starting from industrial washing systems, to follow with aesthetic treatments and finally in the field of medicine and Surgery.

Our idea was to use ultrasound technology to keep the hulls of your boats clean, in a completely autonomous, economic and environmentally friendly way.

The operation is given by a series of ultrasonic waves that produce micro explosions, at a multiple range of high frequencies.

This energy produces an alternation of positive and negative pressure, creating microscopic bubbles, which implode during periods of depression and positive pressure, the phenomenon is known as “cavitation” by destroying and / or moving away the single-celled organisms, the first link in the food chain.


  • Avoid launching and shooting costs
  • The boat is always clean
  • Planing ready and fast
  • Decreases pollution (traditional antifouling is consumed and ends up at sea)
  • Consumption reduction

A dirty hull full of fouling can be very penalizing not only for those who face sailing regattas, but also for those who want to take a cruise with the whole family.

If we then consider that dog teeth and other forms of microorganisms, which affect the hull, can cause the hull to lose efficiency up to 20-25%, it goes without saying that the problem is not only of an aesthetic nature.


If a boat travels on average at seven knots, both motor and sail, if the speed decreases due to the dirty hull at five knots, it means losing, in terms of time and fuel consumption, five hours every 100 miles.

  • Künste is the most economical power plant on the market. The equipment we manufacture has no equal in quality and price.
  • All the materials used are of excellent quality, guarantee an average life of 10 years, always in operation.
  • Two-year warranty as per law.

To date, over 250 Kunste devices have already been sold and installed both in Italy and abroad, in countries such as Croatia, Monte Carlo, Spain, England, Norway, with excellent results and the full satisfaction of our customers.